Favorite Gifts from Local Makers!

Part of the magic of the holiday season is spreading the cheer and good tidings!  With that in mind I’ve been thinking about many of my favorite things from local makers who really put love and heart into their products. When something is homemade it just feels better!  One of the many great things about living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is that we are a small community of artists and there are numerous treasures to be discovered.

1. Hand warmers made by Deb of Bee Warm Lippy Shop



One of my many treasured gifts are hand warmers made by my friend Deb of Bee Warm Lippy Shop.  Deb takes vintage sweaters and repurposes them into some the most stylish hand warmers, sweaters, hats and skirts you could imagine. She is a true creative spirit and also one of the sweetest souls I know!  I have several pairs of hand warmers from Deb and I live in them all winter. They make great gifts because they are affordable, and they will keep your hands and your heart warm throughout the winter!

2. Earrings made by Danny from Tatonka Rose

Another favorite of mine are earrings made by Danny from Tatonka Rose.  Danny hand makes and beads each pair of these gorgeous Rockstar earrings. I first discovered her work at the local People’s Market and fell in love with so many pairs that I had a hard time choosing.  I wear mine all of the time and people always compliment them and want to know where they can get a pair.  She has a special aesthetic that is western cowgirl meets badass modern-day woman. 

 3. Local bookstore in Jackson, Wyoming - Valley Bookstore

The Valley Bookstore in town is another gem.  I love taking books out from the library but when I really want to treat myself to a new book that’s where I go.  I’ve found over the years that writing in the margins is something I just can’t seem to stop doing.  I love taking notes and writing down ideas as I read.  My husband, Mike recently gifted me with Joni Mitchell’s new book, Morning Glory on the Vine.  It’s a compilation of poetry and art and shows deep insight into the iconic folk singer’s creative process.  I also recently treat myself to Everything is Figureoutableby Marie Forleo. Marie’s B-school is part of how we first started Holly Sage Art and so I love learning from her – she’s a brilliant businesswoman and entrepreneur. 

4. Essential Oils from Young Living

When I put on my Young Living Oils in the morning, I always feel better.  It’s a wait to anoint yourself for the day and get in some yummy aromatherapy at the same time.  A few years ago, my mom and I visited the Young Living growing farm in Utah.  We had the best time smelling oils and touring the grounds.  I personally love the blend Peace and Calm and the Frankincense oil.  These high-grade oils last and have an essence I’ve yet to find in other forms of aromatherapy.  Also, the Thieves hand sanitizer is great for anyone on the run and it only costs $5 a bottle! 
These are just a few gems that I love, and I hope you’ll share things that you love in the comments below!!!
Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Birthday to Becky, Joey and Heather and Happy Holidays All!!
Stay warm and Shine On!
- Erica

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