Trust the Process


Watercolor is at the core of Holly Sage Art. The thing that first drew me to painting with watercolor is just how peaceful it feels.  For a fiery broad from New York it takes a lot to help me zen-out, but the water and paint move across the page together like river stones in a serene calm and I reconnect.

When I first began painting with this medium it was like nothing I had experienced.  There is very little control involved and so many happy accidents that make the art even better.

When my husband Mike was working at The People’s Market a gentleman came up to him and said, “I’ll take 3 stickers- they remind me of being a kid and it makes me happy!”

I attribute the kid-like, whimsical nature of our stickers to the fact that there is very little control involved in the painting process.

When I was home in New York this past week with my niece Becky, I watched her color picture after picture.  She was immersed in her art and completely in her element because she wasn’t questioning the process or the outcome.  It was beautiful.

I believe we are at our best when we let go of control.  

This has been a recurring lesson for me and watercolor helps to remind that the flow is always at it’s greatest when we trust the process.

If you have a moment get yourself some paper and a small box of watercolors and just let go.  Spread the color across the page and throw water at it like you’re creating a Jackson Pollack piece – I promise you it will be liberating!!  

Or if your peace comes with going outside and hiking, go do that… make sure that you make time in your life to find the thing that calls you back home… remember that the flow is alive and well…and enjoy the ride!




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