Watercolor Recommendations!

On several occasions Mike and I have been asked how we get strong pops of color in our watercolor paintings.  Anyone who paints with watercolor knows it's a struggle to find the perfect palette and sometimes that means a lot of experimenting with different paints and papers.  

Enter today's post!  

Here are the supplies that we’ve found the most useful in creating our watercolors (which then become our stickers).  

We hope this post encourages you to paint and enjoy the magic that is making art with watercolor, you won’t regret it! 

1. Which Watercolors do you use?

We love, love, LOVE Winsor & Newton watercolors.  

When I was living in Jackson Hole there were not a ton of places to purchase art supplies and so I sent away to England for my very first set of Winsor & Newton Watercolors.  I had read reviews online and after experimenting with many fun brands decided to bite the bullet and purchase the set.  While they are a little pricey you get what you pay for.  I bought my original set over three years ago and it's still the main palette I work with when I paint today. 


2.  Which Papers do you paint on?

While I adore Strathmore papers I have to say I've become partial to Canson in the last few months.  There is something about the way the Canson papers soak up the color that really makes it so much more of that good watery but colorful blend.   

3.  Paintbrushes?  

This is an area where I’ve experimented a TON - this includes painting with sponges, paper towels and anything that could make a great texture on the page.  When it comes to brushes I'm a big fan of using Artist Loft brushes that you can get at a local Michaels. While these are not the finest brushes, they are really great at helping to pack on the color.  I have an extensive collection those are the one's that I often use the most. 

So there you have it! I hope this inspires you to pick up some paints and give watercolor a try because it's such a fantastic and whimsical medium.  If you already paint and are looking to improve your game I hope this helps you get that perfect blend of all the right colors.  May your orange and yellow blend seamlessly to make that perfect sunset.  

As always xoxo,





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