Where the Magic Happens

"On the way to your destination... that's where the magic happens."

Poets, artists & philosophers have expressed this sentiment over time through writing, painting and other creative outlets.  They reminisce about the process and the gift of the journey versus the finality of the destination.  Road trips are this way for me but I've never understood this idea from an artistic standpoint - that is until the other day.

It's funny how life gives you lessons and then steps back to see if you actually get them.   

It was 5:30 am on Wednesday morning and I was awoken from a dream with the idea for a particular painting.  I quietly gathered my paints and art pad and tiptoed into the other room.  Waiting for the muse to drop in, coffee in hand, there it was.  the idea, the Tetons (of course) and at the base greens mixed to build up a forest scene with a raft gliding by on the famous Snake River.  

I had it all.  The sketch, the colors and the mood.  I dipped my paintbrush and began to open up to the flow when suddenly I felt pulled to completely change direction.  I wasn't sure what to do next.  The new idea and change in direction was so strong.  It wanted my full attention so I flipped the page on the scene of the Tetons and anchored in this new idea.  What came through was a yogi doing the warrior pose with bright and beautiful wings.  In that moment the painting of the Tetons seemed far away to me like a distant relationship of the past.  In the next 24 hours I completed 6 more works of art for my yogi series.  

Expecting to take one direction, I took a complete diversion and in that shift found much greater reward.

Nothing in life is a straight line and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.  

This past month has been a whirlwind and at times it's been tough to step back and trust the process. Every now and then I'm reminded that it's all perfect and that every diversion has it's own gift.

And that every now and then if only for a moment, it all makes sense. 

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