Wanderlust Bus Sticker

Vinyl Sticker: Wanderlust Bus

  • Sticker measures 3.6" x 2.4"
  • Printed on Top Quality Waterproof Vinyl

Your Holly Sage Art sticker will be long-lasting on a car, water bottle, computer, helmet, notebook...pretty much any place you can imagine!



Who doesn't love a road trip? Few vehicles capture the idea of a road trip better than an old Volkswagen bus. The shape and image instantly conjure up thoughts of wanderlust and unplanned travels to distant lands. It goes hand-in-hand with free spirits, camping, and exploration, giving its owners a sense of freedom, and giving onlookers the inspiration to cater to their wanderlust. Still popular today, the "bus" can be retrofitted with a bed, kitchen, and many other utilities to make life on the road a little easier. Whether you own one, or just love answering to your wanderlust, take this sticker with you on your travels!