Grand Love Sticker

Vinyl Sticker: Grand Love Sticker

* Sticker measures 3"x 3.3" 
* Printed on Top Quality Waterproof Vinyl

Your Holly Sage Art sticker will be long-lasting on a car, water bottle, computer, helmet, notebook...pretty much any place you can imagine!



There's no mistaking the Grand Teton. The iconic cap to the dramatic Teton Mountains has a unique shape and can be seen for hundreds of miles around. As the second-highest peak in Wyoming, it captures the imagination of everyone who sees it, inspiring some to express it creatively, while inspiring others to summit its challenging rocky routes. The Grand Teton serves as a beacon and prominent granite landmark to the people of Jackson Hole and Teton Valley, and is a beloved shape from both sides. This weatherproof sticker was designed around the famous 'Love' statue, created by Robert Indiana. Whether you've climbed it, or got a brief glimpse of it between passing storms, show your love for the Grand Teton with this weatherproof vinyl sticker!