Finding the Why

Three years ago, I started running this beautiful grassroots business, Holly Sage Art solely on my own. Not only was I the artist, but the salesperson, shipping and fulfillment department, marketing manager, and bookkeeper. While it was a lot, I had a good flow going. I was running on pure adrenaline and doing the work of three people while raising my daughter and uncovering a new life in the mountains of Wyoming. 

It was a time of unearthing possibility and stamina.

While I was achieving and exceeding goals I had set for my business, I wasn't fully fulfilled. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was missing but there was a going and doing, a motion that became faster than I could keep up with. Selling, creating, and doing left very little time for dreaming and carving out the future path of my business. It left no time for using my imagination to develop new creations.

The joy of Holly Sage Art has always been at its root, that I’m a creative soul. For years, before I even created my business I would make art for family and friends. Jewelry, love notes, photographs… magpie feathers.. I revel in the joy of giving art to the world. The marriage of nature and art together is the birthplace of my ideas.

We watch shows like Shark Tank (which I love) and have a dream of obtaining more and becoming something bigger than our original intention. It’s “the life of the entrepreneur” people will say. I love being an entrepreneur but that is not whats at the core of my business. What’s at the root of my business is being inspired by getting lost deep in the lodgepole pines, creating art that makes my heart light up like golden hour in the Tetons. It is the joy when a new umber color emerges from a cutthroat painting.

Lately I have been more focused on the Why. Why do I do what I do? I believe that sometimes to get back to our authentic happiness we have to let go a little. I've stopped trying to till the soil and weed my work down to the bone. I'm in a chapter where I am letting the seeds grow where they may...trusting that the rain will come to quench the dirt with it's pudgy earthworms. I've been dancing in the unknown and all the while the magic has returned...

Sending you peace,