Holly Sage Art is the brainchild of designer and artist, Erica Mazzeo-Cavaroc. Seeking more of the outdoors she packed up her life in New York and headed west to her life-long love of Jackson Hole, Wyoming (because that’s what creative people do sometimes). 

Using outdoor experiences, Erica quickly began building up a library of inspiration for her art. Combining her self-trained knowledge of design, color theory, & watercolor painting, she carefully crafts each piece.  Using her expansive digital knowledge, she then brings each watercolor painting to the computer to make them sticker-friendly, print-ready, and happy-customer-ready.  

When not creating stickers, she enjoys long walks in the woods, listening to the sound of her daughter's laughter, spending time stargazing with Mike and quiet nights with a good book and their cat Crush. 

Mike Cavaroc moved to Jackson Hole in late 2008. He was instantly hooked on the wildlife and stunning scenery, and quickly began to explore the area tirelessly with his camera. Mike has explored the Tetons, Yellowstone, Beartooths, Gros Ventres, Wind Rivers, and beyond. In addition to being a self-taught photographer, he also not-self-taught in drawing in painting when he earned his Master of Fine Arts. Following his move, he began to rediscover his love for more tangible artistic creations.

In the spring of 2016, he went down to Arizona to hike the 800-mile Arizona Trail, which traverses the state of Arizona (because that’s what creative people do sometimes). Upon his return, he met Erica and was thrilled to learn of her idea to create Holly Sage Art!

They inevitably joined forces and helped each other become stronger, ready to complement each others’ dreams, much like Luke and Leia, Anna and Elsa, Kirk and Spock, or Hiccup and Toothless.  

 If you have any questions please email mike@hollysageart.com



"These stickers are beautiful! I put them on my car and people will roll down their car window when we’re at a stop light and compliment them! My yoga students love them too!" - Hailey L.

"The sticker is absolutely beautiful and it arrived very quickly!!" - Sara E.

"Even more gorgeous in person, which I didn't thing was possible! Very unique work, I love it & can't wait to gift it!" - Angela M.