About Us

Holly Sage Art was founded by designer and artist, Erica Holly Mazzeo. In 2015 Erica headed West to create a life in the Tetons and enjoy the beauty of Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Using outdoor experiences, Erica quickly began building up a library of imagination and inspiration for her art. Combining her knowledge of design, color theory, & watercolor painting, she carefully crafts each piece.  Her stickers are whimsical and focus heavily on color and the joyful energy of life.

When not creating stickers, she enjoys hiking in the woods, hot yoga, having dance parties with her daughter Dakota Sage and spending time with her amazing family and friends. 

Holly Sage Art is named after both Erica and Dakota's middle names combined.




"These stickers are beautiful! I put them on my car and people will roll down their car window when we’re at a stop light and compliment them! My yoga students love them too!" - Hailey L.


"The sticker is absolutely beautiful and it arrived very quickly!!" - Sara E.


"Even more gorgeous in person, which I didn't thing was possible! Very unique work, I love it & can't wait to gift it!" - Angela M.