You're an original, baby!!!

Our stickers are printed on top-quality, waterproof vinyl. We use an adhesive that is strong but ensures removal without shredding or leaving any residue.

Hand-painted Designs

All of our original designs are hand-painted with you in mind. We are active both in spirit and in body and our stickers reflect that.

About Holly Sage Art

Inspired by the great outdoors, our national parks and more, Holly Sage Art is a sticker company that brings original art and color to the black and white, print-art stickers of the past. 

Holly Sage Art was founded by Erica Mazzeo, and grew into a partnership with Mike Cavaroc. The duo create unique and whimsical watercolor paintings and then transform them into stickers!

Follow the Journey

The Evolution of Holly Sage Art

by Erica Holly Mazzeo
The Evolution of Holly Sage Art I’ve grown to find that as much as I love painting the natural world, lately I’ve been more inclined to paint small expressions and reminders for the individual.  I love painting trees, mountains and the moon but at this moment in time I’m more interested in painting small reminders to hang in there and breathe. 

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Holly Sage Art Stickers All Over!!

by Erica Holly Mazzeo
Holly Sage Art Stickers All Over!! Having our own unique floor stand filled with Holly Sage Art stickers from 'head to toe' has been so exciting! We've been lucky to have these stands placed in wonderful mom and pop shops in so many of our favorite states!

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For the Love of Wildlife

by Mike Cavaroc
For the Love of Wildlife Discover the background story into Mike Cavaroc's love for nature and the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area, as well as how that led to his creative process for designing and creating his stickers for Holly Sage Art.

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