The Creative Process

What first drew you to watercolor?

Ever since I was young, I’ve been creating art.  I can remember drawing all over my notebooks and page upon page in middle school.  It didn’t really matter if I would draw with a pen or a marker, I just loved making shapes with different colors.  What prompted me to first pick up watercolors is a pretty funny story. 

At the age of 34 I decided to move from a suburb in New York across the country to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. What prompted me to try painting with watercolors is a funny story.  When I turned 34 I decided to move from a suburb in New York across the country to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  My family had spent many summers camping out in the Tetons and I always wanted to try living out West. 

When I first moved to Jackson Hole, I did a lot of hiking on my own in the Tetons and often found myself hiking to Phelps Lake and Taggart Lake with my trusty backpack full of snacks and art supplies.  On one of my hikes I started thinking about how fun it would be to try watercolors.  I went looking all over downtown Jackson to buy watercolors and all I could find was a small starter kit with ten colors that was likely made for kids ages 3-6. 

From that point on I brought my small watercolor kit and some paper into the park with me on all of my adventures.  Eventually I upgraded to a beautiful set of Winsor Newton Watercolors that I actually still use.  I have the original set from over 4 years ago and it’s still my go to for creating all of the Holly Sage Art paintings.    

What keeps you driven to keep creating?

The thing that keeps me driven to keep creating is my brain’s constant flow of ideas.  I don’t think I’ve ever known what it’s like to not have a plethora of ideas. I will literally wake up in the morning and start the day painting.  I typically end the day doing something creative as well.  I need to always have a place to channel my ideas and art is an amazing outlet.  Growing up I played the piano daily for several hours a day and then when I started creating art, I would let that consume my days.  I tend to put my whole self into all things that I do. 

 Why Stickers?

Why not?  Actually, I’ll tell you why.  When I was twenty, I started my own business – Rainy Day Creations.  I created handmade greeting cards and sold many of them.  The problem was I didn’t sell enough to be successful.  I always had entrepreneurial blood and wanted to start my own business.  Before I developed Holly Sage Art, I wrote out several business plans for different types of businesses that I could potentially develop.  Stickers was the one idea that really stood out to me and seemed like a viable long-term idea that I could grow.   

Where did the name Holly Sage Art come from?

My middle name is Holly and my daughter's middle name is Sage. Together we are Holly Sage :) 

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I am 71 years old, retired and I love your art. I’ve been buying your stickers at Summit Hut here in Tucson. I put them on practically everything I own. They are colorful, have character and lift me up when I see them on my journals, water bottles and containers. Please keep drawing and painting for those of us who don’t have your talent but appreciate it every day!


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