The Evolution of Holly Sage Art

 The gift of a growing business is that it can take on a life of it’s own and develop an increasingly authentic voice over time.  When I first began Holly Sage Art, I was sitting at my parent’s kitchen table making small paintings and not knowing that they would one day become stickers sold all over the country.   I really wanted to create small vignettes of art that people could connect with – stickers seemed like the easiest way to make this happen.

A month later, Mike joined the team and brought endless knowledge of and passion about the National Parks, Public Lands and all things wildlife.  I’m grateful to have him as the other half of Holly Sage Art because a lot of his ideas are so different from mine.  He can work on an arrowhead of Hot Springs National Park for hours and give it details that I wouldn’t even think of.  Mike keeps the nature piece alive and well, and I am so grateful that he has so many endless ideas.

I’ve grown to find that as much as I love painting the natural world, lately I’ve been more inclined to paint small expressions and reminders for the individual.  I love painting trees, mountains and the moon but at this moment in time I’m more interested in painting small reminders to hang in there and breathe. 

Covid has been hard on us all - the day to day has involved a lot of tough decision-making and for many of us, life doesn’t look the way we pictured it.  The way that I cope is that I take chaos and transform it into art and my hope is that it helps you all in some way.  

When I look at my water bottle and see the “Kindness is Magic” sticker pressed against the side, it reminds me to be gentle with myself and the world.  Daily affirmations like the word “BREATHE” just feel so crucial right now.

I’m grateful to be part of a team because our company was started as a love letter to the National Parks but I also think it’s become a love letter to the individual.  What I guess I’m getting at, is that much like individuals, great business’ need space to grow and change.  The movement in a business is what brings it to life and allows it to survive the changing seasons.  Having lots of different ideas and passions come together and converge into one makes for a magical venture. 

 I’ve really enjoyed watching our business evolve and change with the times and morph into it’s own special creation and I want to thank you for sticking by us over the years and for believing in our small grassroots passion.   

Sending you love,

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