Wholesale Account Info

Reach out to us if you are interested in setting up a wholesale account! We offer competitive wholesale pricing and have accessible minimum requirements. We look forward to working with you! 

Current Catalog

Current Stands

  • Floor Stand
    Floor Stand
    Holds ~100 designs
    Included with any order over 2,000 stickers
  • Countertop Stand
    Vertical Countertop Stand
    Holds ~24 designs
    Included with any order over 600 stickers
  • Small Wooden Stand
    Small Wooden Stand
    Holds 12 designs
    Included with any order over 300 stickers

Custom Namedrop Stickers

If you're interested in including a location or your business name on one of our designs we are happy to "name drop" a sticker for you! All namedrop stickers require a minimum order of 100 stickers per design. These are a great way to promote your business, or to create a souvenir for people to remember their vacation!


All orders are shipped via USPS, unless otherwise requested. Wholesale orders are typically delivered 2-3 weeks after the order has been placed.