Grizzly Turf Sticker

Vinyl Sticker: Grizzly Turf

* Sticker measures 3.5"x 2.4" 
* Printed on Top Quality Waterproof Vinyl

Your Holly Sage Art sticker will be long-lasting on a car, water bottle, computer, helmet, notebook...pretty much any place you can imagine!



Grizzly bears are a vital part of the western landscape. Together with wolves, grizzlies help maintain healthy prey populations, which help to shape the landscape into a healthier environment for both humans and other wildlife. Nearly wiped to extinction in the lower 48, the misunderstood animal survived through a remote population in the remote wilds of Yellowstone National Park. They gradually spread into Grand Teton National Park, where they achieved something akin to celebrity status, as bears such as Grizzly Bear #399 and Grizzly Bear #610 began to raise their cubs along roadsides. Use this vinyl sticker to show your love for the grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem!