Beautiful blooming rose sticker
Beautiful blooming rose sticker Sweet Rose Sticker Sweet Rose Sticker Sweet Rose Sticker

Vinyl Sticker: Sweet Rose

* Sticker measures 3"x 2.2" 
* Printed on Top Quality Waterproof Vinyl

Your Holly Sage Art sticker will be long-lasting on a car, water bottle, computer, helmet, notebook...pretty much any place you can imagine!

Few flowers can rival the classic beauty of a rose. The sweet aroma that they're known for coupled with the thorny long stem and narrow bloom makes them the subject of frequent delight and romantic gestures. While roses are most frequently found in floral shops and supermarkets, many are still native to Asia, Europe, and North America. For many people, finding one in the wild is even more exciting than being gifted one! No matter your preference for seeing them, show how much you love the sweetness of a rose with this unique sticker!