Tent Camping
Tent Camping Tent Camping Tent Camping Tent Camping Tent Camping

Vinyl Sticker: Tent Camping

* Sticker measures 3" x 3.4"
* Printed on Top Quality Waterproof Vinyl

Your Holly Sage Art sticker will be long-lasting on a car, water bottle, computer, helmet, notebook...pretty much any place you can imagine!

Getting out into the wilderness is an often celebrated way to disconnect from civilization and the stresses of every day life. Packing up the tent and heading into the backcountry will astound and delight everyone who stays back there for over a night. Spending more than 24 hours in the wilderness and camping under the stars has a profound effect on the human body, recovering vital health habits and relieving stress in ways few other processes can. As such, people can easily fall in love with their tents as they become a home away from home, a refuge in the wilderness. Show your love for camping in a tent with this beautiful sticker!